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Did you charged at him throwing punching combos with the intention of sending his head to geostationary orbit? you know, like if he has just raped your daugter, killed your dog and set your house ablaze?
At first I wasn't sure, so I threw strong but rhythmic punches. Then when I saw that I wasn't getting them through, I did go all-out and tried to knock his head off. Not only could I not get anywhere near his head, he also changed his game to not just absorb my attacks, but also to send force back. It was extremely painful... to me. Like hitting a stone wall coated in rubber.

This send us again to 'IP experts are so impervious to attacks that they do not need to know how to fight'
Well, the point of our encounter wasn't for me to fight him, but to feel what "internal power" was. I wasn't crazy enough to think that a middle-aged woman was going to all-out fight a guy who outweighed me by 70 lbs and was built like a rock fortress. But in the years that followed, I had many opportunities to watch others more closely matched in size and muscle bulk attempt to fight him, and they were all outmatched.

A question, if you don't mind. What exactly can you do against a, lets say, run of the mill collegiate wrestler or judo blackbelt of your size in full randori?
That's a fair question. Honestly, I didn't try randori with anyone outside of my training venue back when I was in a dojo environment, although in later years I tried some things out in "freestyle" self-defense training demos against people I'd never previously met or trained with, and it came out quite well. Beyond that, I can only offer a few anecdotes: #1 A friend's wrestler son did try to take me down and couldn't. That was just playing, though. #2 One day, I was going into a store, and just as I was nearing the door, a heavyset, stocky man shoved the door open and dashed out, and right into me... and he bounced back a couple of feet onto his butt. #3 A judoka friend (a blackbelt but older than I, and who hasn't been on the mats in a couple of decades) tried to reap and throw me, and couldn't budge me off the ground. His technique was actually still quite good and he outweighed me by at least 50 lbs. But he couldn't find or take my center, nor could he "muscle" me.

Sorry I can't offer much more than that for now. As a woman in the throes of later middle-age, I'm not inclined to test myself in all-out ritual male combat, but I will be experimenting more with this stuff when I work on developing a self-defense focused training curriculum (for women and small people of either sex) in the future.
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