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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

I think I am probably one of the earliest people who were exposed about the mystery of under whom Shioda has trained Daito-ryu, so I will write my experience here.
About my background, I joined a Yoshinkan affiliated University Aikido club in 1987 and trained there extensively and then joined Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Roppokai in the end of 1988 or in early 1989 and cross trained in both organizations for about a year. Roppokai was still a small organization with around 40 students, and Okamoto Seigo Sensei has just published a small pamphlet about Daito-ryu through which I have discovered him.

Okamoto Sensei accepted me kindly although I informed him that I was a Yoshinkan Aikido club student and that I wanted to keep training there. After training sessions there was usually a rather light drinking party among dojo students which I sometime joined, and sometime Okamoto sensei himself also joint it and we heard a lot of stories regarding Daito-ryu from him (but in retrospect interestingly never about Aikido and Morihei Ueshiba. I guess this was so because I was there).

One day, I had the courage to ask him about his opinion of Gozo Shioda. Interestingly he pointed out to me that he does not recognize Shioda as an Aikidoka. He said he recognize Shioda as a Daito-ryu Master. A top class Daito-ryu Master who could display a very high level of "Aiki" which he said was rare today (in 1988 or 89) even among current top class Daito-ryu teachers. Then he said that this means that the teacher who has taught Shioda must be a Daito-ryu master of an incredible high level of skill, someone who stands out in Daito-ryu history. But he also stated his belief that it cannot be Ueshiba, as films of Ueshiba do not show any signs of "Aiki", nor does present day Aikikai or other Aikido schools (including Yoshinkan) seems to be oriented to enhance ability of "Aiki".

So, he came to the conclusion, that Shioda must have a secret Daito-ryu teacher, not someone normal, someone with an extraordinary ability. Then he named me a name which, Okamoto sensei said he suspected for a long time as the "real" teacher of Gozo Shioda. It was Yukiyoshi Sagawa. He urged me to ask some old timers inside Yoshinkan about any additional Daito-ryu training which Shioda must have received from Sagawa. He said there must be some evidence or some eyewitness or rumors about Shioda training under Sagawa. I was just 19 to 20 years old and being young is really scary. I asked literally all top Yoshinkan shihan, from Ando sensei, Chida sensei to Takeno sensei (except Inoue sensei as he was still shihan of the Metropolitan Police Department), whether they had ever heard about Shioda training under Sagawa. Every time the same stunned face from those sensei's, a short guessing and then the same answer "No, I never heard of it".

I came back to Okamoto sensei and reported him about my inquiry during an after training party at a Gashuku session, it was then that he said it must be the occasion when Kodokai has visited Yoshinkan and did a demonstration in 1977 (or 78, I forgot), that Shioda must have realized about Aiki and must have stolen the secret by just watching it. From what I heard Kodo Horikawa did not do a demonstration as he was already very frail, and that most of the demonstration was done by Inoue sensei (the second head master of Kodokai), and Okamoto sensei himself. At that party, I heard from him that Horikawa sensei invited one student of Shioda to grab his hand (which I later found out that it was Yasuhisa Shioda, the son of Gozo Shioda) and performed an Aiki age on him.

After the party one of the top students (then) of Roppo-kai approached me and said "you must find out the student who grabbed Horikawa sensei's hand. I have heard stories that Shioda sometimes has chased out other students from Yoshinkan and trained with him in secret".
But I had the impression that even after Sagawa was eliminated as the possible teacher of Shioda, Okamoto sensei himself did not really believe that Shioda has stolen "Aiki" from Horikawa by just watching it.
For a while I considered the possibility of Sagawa been the "true" teacher of Shioda but later dropped the idea. Shioda respected Morihei Ueshiba so much till the end of his life, no he was actually worshipping Morihei Ueshiba so much that he wanted to believe that Ueshiba had the ueber mensch quality of dodging the bullet, so that he accidentally exaggerated and said that he "saw" it (I was there when he exaggerated the story).

I cannot believe that some can keep respecting, worshiping his own teacher even after (be it in 1977,78 when meeting Kodo Horikawa or receive secret trainings from Sagawa in the 1950's) discovering that his beloved teacher did not have "it" and must therefore search for another one. So I believe the truth is that the teacher who has taught Shioda was a Daito-ryu master of an incredible high level of skill, someone who stands out in Daito-ryu history and that his name was Morihei Ueshiba.

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