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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

"What is fascinating about Ueshiba is one could meet Tomiki, Shirata, Shioda, Tada, Tohei, Kobayashi, Saito, etc. - and not be able tell, in many respects, that they studied with the same teacher. Reading Kobayashi Hirokazu's biography, we see that for several years, he and Saito sensei were training brothers."

Interestingly, that could be equally said to students of Sokaku Takeda. Kodokai, Mainline (Katsuyuki Kondo), Takumakai look so different. In fact, Kodokai (and Roppokai) is a longtime mystery for me. They are so different from other Daito-ryu schools. Interestingly, Iwama-ryu, Yoshinkan (especially Yoshinkan till the 60's), Daito-ryu mainline and Sagawa-dojo apparently have some common waza's and curriculum which resembles each other to a certain degree, and thus even to an untrained eye can hint that they have a common origin.
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