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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Well, just to confuse things more:
Takuma asked Kobayashi Hirokazu to run the club. It is at this point that the club went from Daito-ryu to Aikido. Since Takuma had asked Kobayashi, he said that he did well and that is how it went. Kobayashi Hirokazu Sensei had once been a student of Takuma Sensei. He was actually a pretty close student of Takuma.
This, from this interview:

One thing that can be noted from the recent work of Oliver Gaurin and Guillaume Erard: - contrary to the idea once Ueshiba left Osaka, that there was no further contact between the Aikikai and Takumakai, there was, in fact, a lot of contact, this just being one illustration of this. Hisa Takuma was actually awarded an 8th dan from the Aikikai.

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