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Re: How to deal with irritating partner?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I give seminars occasionally and am constantly surprised at the number of people, including 4th dan and above, who do not practice the waza in the way I have shown. Do they do this because they cannot perceive what I am doing, since their mental map of the waza does not allow for another way of doing it, or because they have already made a mental judgment that their way is better?
I remember a course with Chiba Sensei, about 1990 or so in Wales, in the UK. He showed a technique (it was a shiho-nage variant) and after awhile stopped everyone. He then asked a few seniors to demonstrate it and they all did something different. He went nuts and screamed at them. Then he showed the technique again and deja vu. I really enjoyed seeing senior teachers get a rollocking but I do not know why they could not copy what he was doing. He even said, while ridiculing them, that the white belts were trying to do what he had shown, and he had a pair demo it. He was mad as hell. Bizarre.

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