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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
In fact Ueshiba's thoughts also have deep roots in Daoist views of the world and also in Mikkyo. ...

Paralles between Texts of Ueshiba and Christian thoughts are mostly due to the translation and interpretation of John Stevens. It is my deep impression that it was his intention to show similarities, so he made Ueshiba's words sound familiar in Christian ears. So you have to be aware that you his understanding instead of Ueshiba's in those Texts.

Nevertheless I find it intriguing how near daoist thoughts are to the Judaeo-Christian cosmology. It is striking how much parallels there are to be found.
More than parallels and this occurs in the Mikkyo as well: The reasons for this are deep and may well give substance to DIRECT Christian influence in the transmission of Mikkyo to Japan at the Tang capital at Chang-an. There was a lengthy collaborative effort in Indian sutra translations by both Christian and Buddihist monks there, and which were integral to the developments of both Shingon and Tendai in Japan. See "The Jesus Sutras," by Martin Palmer,;

A replica of an 8th century Chinese monument erected to memorialize this early Christian/Buddhist collaboration (rediscovered in 1625) was installed before WWII on Mt Koya.where Shingon is centered. In the image following, above the main title at the top , just below the flanking birds there is a cross -- coming out of lotus blossom. See:

That rather solidifies the perceived connection, at least from the Japanese perspective. In other words the famous syncretism of the Japanese on these points may be an original feature of their reception of these teachings -- and not merely an internal cultural development after their arrival.

The Judeo-Christian connections in Aikido are not "interpretations" but direct references from the source -- not just from Stephens. Ueshiba himself tied his understanding of his purposes in his Takemusu Aiki lectures -- not only to St. Michael in and explicit citation to Daniel 12, but also making a quite direct Logos reference relating the kotodama SU to John 1:1.


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