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Keith Larman
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Re: Belts sticking out

The voices have been bugging me ever since I wrote my replies... I know a lot of folk know this, but seriously, the rest of you do realize that the keikogi 99% of us wear is a modern thing, right? With a colored obi that is similarly rather modern? Then with a hakama that, well, isn't so modern? It's not like we're talking about traditions that are 500 years old here. Heck, the keikogi and colored obi thing are pure Meiji era stuff... You know, post samurai and all that. We train in Judo outfits. With hakama. Cause that's what we do. Cause keiko gi were what most folk were training with in judo and they worked out really well for training. And Judo was/is quite popular. And for whatever reason a lot of folk in Aikido ended up with the same keikogi for training. Just with hakama for some for whatever reason (make it more formal looking?).

It just strikes me as odd to complain about belts sticking out, belts over/under hakama, etc. I'm perfectly happy to train in sweats and a t-shirt. It's just training gear. I'm always astounded we'll have this discussion but it seems like no one ever really gets deeply in to the question of why we wear the amazing power skirts (hakama). I swear, I think some come to aikido solely to wear the funny pants sometimes...

And for full disclosure, my obi has kanji for our style on one side and then my name on the other. Because it's my belt and not someone else's. Which makes it a bit easier to not accidentally grab the wrong belt in the dressing room after class. Otherwise the belt is just under the hakama and it hanging out has never been a problem for me. Frankly next time I suit up I"m going to have to pay attention to what I do with the thing when I do get dressed...

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