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Re: Belts sticking out

I too have seen all sorts but for myself, right off the bat from young, my instinct was to be as plain as possible, even if we do run about in Japanese pyjamas. No need for stupid badges and such like - just too pretentious and so against ... my common sense.

I remember many years ago I used to train in the gym in the Edinburgh sports centre. We just wore anything - T shirts etc. - and practiced this and that. One day, two Ninja walked in, dressed from head to toe in black. They started training next to us and it was totally obvious they had no skill whatsoever - beginners. We tried our best not to laugh, gotta be polite after all. Never saw them again - which I suppose meant that maybe their skill had increased.:-) That will remain forever my introduction to Ninjutsu and my opinion remains tainted to this day.

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