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Re: Belts sticking out

got a kid from local taewondo school, with black belt and patches. he came to practice with us for awhile. we did bokken stuffs. he asked me if we have a reversed blade bokken. i actually knew what he was asking. hey, when you got young boys at home, you know these things. so i kept a straight face, and flipped my bokken over then tap him on the head. he said "ow". i said "i guessed that worked". i turned the bokken over to the side and tap him on the head. he said "ow". i said "that worked too". then i said "you know! i have this weapon that you can reverse in anyway you want and it would work the same way" i pulled the weapon of the rack and handed to him. he said "it's a stick!" i said "yup!" and was trying very hard to keep a straight face.

kids these days! luckily my kids, like me, just like the normal weaponry stuffs. although, they have been eying my hatchet lately and licking their chops. hey keith, you do hatchet?!!!

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