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Re: Belts sticking out

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Had some kids come for a while once. Brother and sister, mid-teens. Both came from a striking art that apparently had a lot of programs that generated patches and what-not. Generally most stuff like this just makes me smile because while I don't have any use for it, well, whatever floats your boat. And I'm sure the parents were proud of their "integrity" patch or whatever (although I'm not sure how they test or qualify for that -- maybe they did a good deed). Anywho... The one thing that I just couldn't quite get over was the fact that each kid's gi had their name on the back -- large lettering. But not just that. It was "John Smith - Black Belt". I wanted to ask them if it was so they didn't mix up their gi (brother and sister) and whether the "black belt" part was in case they forgot which belt to wear... The kids looked like Nascar drivers...

My eyes are tired.

This, , however, is awesome.
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