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Re: Yokomenuchi: exterior entry?

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
It's a good entry if the yokomen strike is from high - a shallow angle - I like it. But if they do a more horizontal one, or anything below 45 degrees, it becomes more difficult (as you end op further away from uke) and/or you have to duck more, or just do it differently ... like by meeting the strike early and deflecting its power outwards (my favourite).
We have two types of yokomen attacks. Our standard (and most common) yokomen comes in flat and from the side just as a hook or round house punch comes in. Our secondary yokomen is called ko yoko and it comes from that 45 degree angle you mention.

Many students who have issues with the flat yokomen stem from not enough motion in the elbow of the deflecting arm. The deflection should be picked up on the inside of the wrist and redirected with the high rotation of the elbow. (Look at about the :22 second mark of that video, you can see uke's yokomen is the flat variety, but no ducking is required.) This feels strange at first but with practice it becomes really natural. Sorry if this seems cryptic, it is much easier to show it / feel it. But its a great deflection, and people love it once they get it.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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