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Re: Belts sticking out

This makes it easier to see if you're kicking the ass of someone of higher rank, or, having your ass kicked by someone of higher rank. The fact that they want to (or are unintentionally) broadcasting their rank is something to be born in mind but, I would say, no big deal. If the broadcasting is important (e.g.: because the relationship is in err), you can change it yourself. I've been shut down by enough beginners and white belts and at the same time (and at the same level in my own progression), I've stopped enough shihans to understand that rank is at first a matter of relationship with one's teacher. From there, it is a matter of cooperation (not necessarily in training) with the aim of promulgation and cross-pollination within the art. At worst, rank is a way of humiliating those who take it too seriously for those seriously pursuing the art. For those with other motives, the levels of abuse are great. Someone "purposely" showing you their "higher level" is making it easy for you. If you can, I'd say enjoy it.
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