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Bob Strahinjevich (bob_stra) wrote:
Two short pieces of advice.

(2)"Open the door". As an experiment, lay flat on you back. Now try to *gently* roll over you right shoulder - that is, diagonally backwards, not over the top of your head. Pretty hard, huh? This time, as you roll right, shift your head/neck to the left (like trying to put your left ear on left shoulder). More room (open door) / easier to roll this way.
That's exactly how I am beeing teached how to do back rolls (is it called ushiro ukemi?)

Since I'm a complete begginner, I start doing them even seated.

For example, you want to make a back roll to your left.

Then, you sit with your left leg straight, your right leg crossed below your left leg (as you were drawing a "4" if somebody saw you standing in front of you)

Left arm straight to the left, with your palm on the tatami.

Head shifted to the Right (oposite position of the roll direction)

Now you pull yourself back and make your legs/body pass over your left arm...You should see how easily you complete your roll without even touching the head with the mat.

You can aid yourself also by puting your right arm as you were carrying a tray like a waiter...(put your right arm as you were taking and oath, but turn your hand backwards, as you were holding a tray)

So when you are rolling back, you're actually with both hands in the tatami...

Kind of difficult to explain, but give it a try.

It's the same for a back roll to your right, invert everything. Always you cross your leg and extend your arm to the direction you're going.

Hope this helps. I've received several techniques, but none of them with enough intensity (yet) to make a back roll.

But I believe is a must know.

Regards and safe training.

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