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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Karl Arant wrote: View Post
Much of the "cosmology" that Ueshiba claimed knowledge of, was directly taken from his Omoto Kyo religion ... along with native Shinto creation mythologies
In fact Ueshiba's thoughts also have deep roots in Daoist views of the world and also in Mikkyo. Also I learned that Ōmoto kyo has roots in Daoism and not only in Shintō.
I found it very interesting how Ueshiba can be "translated" to some degree just by reading e.g. the Dao de jing or texts about related practices like nei gong.
He doesn't seem inan at all, but on the contrary seems to have been very, very literate. His words and texts proof an immense knowledge.

Anyway, I think it is a fundamental misinterpretation to survey religious cosmologies with the critera of physical science. It is not their intention to answer scientific questions. Just as phsycial science does not intend to answer religous or philosophical questions.
Also I think it to be very unlikely for a inane person to be involved in influential busines and political circles of a country, like Ueshiba was. Asked by Ueshiba about his himpressions while being in space, John Glenn answered that spiritual teachings and modern science don't contradict each other.
When Ueshiba talkes about the relationship of physical science and spiritiuality, he understands spirituality as counterbalance of physical science. Stating that one without the other will not lead to harmonious life.

@ Ben:
Paralles between Texts of Ueshiba and Christian thoughts are mostly due to the translation and interpretation of John Stevens. It is my deep impression that it was his intention to show similarities, so he made Ueshiba's words sound familiar in Christian ears. So you have to be aware that you his understanding instead of Ueshiba's in those Texts.

Nevertheless I find it intriguing how near daoist thoughts are to the Judaeo-Christian cosmology. It is striking how much parallels there are to be found.

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