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Advice on Schools of Aikido

Greetings All,

I have a query about the various schools of Aikido and the syllabus they teach from.

I have done some checking around with the various Aikido places around my city and it seems to be that the following groups are represented. I gather that some groups are independent but still graded with the Aikikai according to their websites,

Ki Society
Yoshinkan Aikido
Aikido Kenkyukai International (Affiliated to AIkikai)
Traditional Aikido Australia (Affiliated to Aikikai)

I guess what I am wondering is how they are different from each other and if they have a different area of focus in terms of how Aikido is taught? I am not asking you to grade one as better than the other though as I realize that is open to personal interpretation and what suits one person may not suit another and so on.

The Ki Society and the Kenkyukai are the closest for me, so good options to try first, but I am very interested to hear from people that know of all these groups for what I might expect there and so on.
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