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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Karl Arant wrote: View Post
Well, aside from the fact that Ueshiba had absolutely zero training, or factual knowledge of astronomy and/or astrophysics, I wouldn't listen to his views on such matters. Particularly, from someone who proclaims "This is how the universe came into being.", really? How modest. Who told you that? Where's his evidence? What data can he proctor? There is none. It is also fallacious to assume that "it['s] deep and has meaning". Nah, Osensei was famous for prattling on about obscure/inane topics. So much so that many of his students, almost to the man/woman, have commented on it. They all knew he was just a crazy old man at the end, but in Japanese society (and the Far East in general), respect for elders is of great importance, even if they're nuttier than fruit cake. (better keep his glass full at dinner too )
It doesn't really have to do with comparisons to physics, he's citing a classical world view that was very common in China. It also relates quite closely to his technical method, which is also quite common in China. His terminology is certainly obscure, but I wouldn't call it inane, he's actually quite clear and repeatedly hammers on the same points and themes.

Of course, no reason to go into that - unless people are interested in what the Founder of their art thought - it seems to me to be a no brainer that they would.

That being said, I would be cautious with the translations in the "Art of Peace", which are out of context, edited, and unreferenced.



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