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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Well, aside from the fact that Ueshiba had absolutely zero training, or factual knowledge of astronomy and/or astrophysics, I wouldn't listen to his views on such matters. Particularly, from someone who proclaims "This is how the universe came into being.", really? How modest. Who told you that? Where's his evidence? What data can he proctor? There is none. It is also fallacious to assume that "it['s] deep and has meaning". Nah, Osensei was famous for prattling on about obscure/inane topics. So much so that many of his students, almost to the man/woman, have commented on it. They all knew he was just a crazy old man at the end, but in Japanese society (and the Far East in general), respect for elders is of great importance, even if they're nuttier than fruit cake. (better keep his glass full at dinner too )

Much of the "cosmology" that Ueshiba claimed knowledge of, was directly taken from his Omoto Kyo religion which is/was a very peculiar combination of Jewish Old Testament creationism ( an utterly and verifiable false myth) along with native Shinto creation mythologies (also utterly and verifiable false). As a result, you get a very peculiar, completely ridiculous and utterly fictitious story indeed.

Spheres are very common symbols in virtually all mythologies (i.e. perfect shape, etc...), however that isn't to say it "means" anything (double rainbow, what does it mean?). However, the idea of spheroid movement is a very common theme in Aikido, in general (remember the three primary shapes of Akido: circle, triangle and square).

I also hate to tell you that there are no magic/divine sounds, "soo" or otherwise. After all, what if you,or I were deaf? Does that mean we have less access/ability to the "divine" (not that there is such a thing)? Not only is that nonsensical, it's quite cruel.

Clearly you're new to Aikido, which is great, but Osensei, like all people, was deeply flawed (hair brained religious quests, cavorting with war criminals, etc...) and not particularly well educated in the sciences. While his comments on martial arts and related matters are valid, interesting and innovative, any areas of "expertise" outside of these rather narrow fields are not. Listening to Ueshiba about the creation of the Universe is like asking a pastry chef for advice on your plumbing. You can do it, but it won't end very well and you'll look really, really dumb.

Instead, I would encourage you to actually read up on astronomy. It's 10,000 times more interesting than any man-made myth you'll come across, and best of all it's true

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