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Circle Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Greetings All,

As I have begun my training in Aikido I have been studying the writings of Morihei Ueshiba and have the copy of the book called "The Art of Peace".

I have to say that I find this quote about the creation of the world very interesting on a number of levels and I would love to hear your thoughts on what you feel that he is saying here.

"This is how the universe came into being. There was no heaven, no earth, no universe -- just empty space. In this vast emptiness, a single point suddenly manifested itself. From that point, steam, smoke, and mist spiraled forth an aluminous sphere and the sacred sound of soo was born. As soo expanded circularly up and down, left and right, major and breath began, clear and uncontaminated. Breath developed life and sound appeared. Soo is the word mentioned in many world religions. All sounds and vibrations emanate from that word. Your voice is a very powerful weapon".

Some of the points that I have noted are as follows,

1, this is very differnet to the Creation Story in the Shinto book of Records and I am unsure if this is repeated in the Oomoto scriptures or not, as they are proving hard for me to locate and read for myself. Still the fact remains that O Sensei appears to be giving us a different account for a reason that I do not yet understand.

2, The Word. very interested in this, in my book it is typed in Capital letters. In the New Testament The Word is translated as Jesus Christ and I don't think that is an accident that the very same term appears here. From the little that I do know of Oomoto I know that they venerate Jesus Christ as a prophet / messenger / person of significance, again to what detail I don't know.

3, Aluminous Sphere. - A shape forms and begins. What shape this sphere is I do not know, yet I am also learning that Aikido works within such a sphere with the circle being predominant.

4, Sacred sound of Soo and the capacity of the Human Voice, your voice is a weapon - how true is that and how true has it become with the modern age of Facebook Tweets and the like. Words can build people up or they can cut down and destroy all in an instant.

I don't know why, but I love reading this passage along with many others in this book, I suspect the reason for that is because its deep and has meanings to be understood by people through Aikido. So again I would love to get some thoughts from the group on this passage!
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