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Re: Yokomenuchi: exterior entry?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Christian was a student of Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan and I too practised with Yamaguchi Shihan for many years and also regularly took ukemi. In the second form Christian blocks his uke and then makes the circular movement, as before. However, you can also do this without blocking and also without the circular movement. M Sekiya, who was also a student of Yamaguchi Shihan, used to teach this form quite regularly when he stayed in the UK. Have you ever discussed the matter of martial effectiveness with Christian T?
Hi Peter,
In the first clip Christian absorbs the yokomen , keeping Ukes attacking movement at chudan /Gedan level, then he enters and proceeds with Irimi Nage.The second clip he enters with a forward motion , restrains the attackers arm then , slipping the arm , he then proceeds to again do Irimi nage.Both methods are of course aceptable.Hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.
Ps I always thought Sekiya Senseis contact was much more subtle.
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