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Re: Yokomenuchi: exterior entry?

Long Trinh wrote: View Post
In my dojo as in a lot of styles the basic entry is an irimi or irmi tenkan with an atemi to the head of uke while the other hand deflect uke's attacking arm.

This is all well and good, except that, just like other interior entry you always risk running into uke's free hand. Anyone with a good martial foundation will keep the other hand in their front arc ready to protect the face or to counter attack. And the free back leg...

Then I saw this one:

I really like this exterior entry. Keep you away from both the free arm and leg of uke while positioning you behind and into uke's guard. However I've never seen this before and the vid was too fast for me. The circular downward cut of yokomen is too wide to irimi outside and it's hard to deflect uke's right arm with your left arm like in this vid.

Anyone familiar with an exterior entry for yokomen? Vids appreciated!
At 1:13, it looks like he's leading (disrupting?) with contact from the inside an instant before his back hand connects with and cuts her yokomenuchi down and across his center line. I'm "new" so please anyone correct me where I seem off, but I'd describe the beginning portion as slipping/ducking the attack to the outside to show how the base moves/attacks and then later he seems to use that "disruption" from the inside an instant before the outside cut occurs.
As I understand it (I mean that phrase very loosely), if both sides are alive and you don't suppress aite's center, that's when you get hit.
Also, my gut says trying to enter through an arcing cut from the outside is like trying to squeeze an egg (which is of course much easier to break from the inside), which to my mind would seem to support the idea that he's actually connecting to the strike from the inside to draw it further away from aite's center (off-balancing slightly?) before attacking from the outside.
...Looking again at :27, it looks like both arms/hands connecting almost simultaneously...which still looks like a bit of inside first to draw off center before cutting down from the outside...although, again, my eyes aren't that great, let alone my level of skill.
Any further analysis would be greatly appreciated!
Take care!

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