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Re: The uke/nage paradigm

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Related to that is a general observation that one of the more critical comments we receive from our sister arts is our lack of ability to properly attack. I'm not saying we need to change our attacks to better perform in a sport fight, but I think what we are hearing is that we need to evaluate of method of empowering uke to better understand her role and fulfill its purpose.
which bring us back to the fact that half of the time we attack and the other half, doing aikido techniques. however, the current aikido curriculum doesn't spend the same amount of time on the attack side. kinda lopsided. it's really coming down to training smarter uke. one that can provide the right attack, right intensity, right amount of feedback. in my class, i often pointed out the training portion of uke, and the training portion of nage. that's way both person train at the same time, not just nage person training and wasting time for uke.

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