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Re: exiting a dojo

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Hmm... This happened in Japan, I doubt such activity is legal here in Canada or USA, besides, if ur really getting hurt u can always walk out... And if anyone is paranoid you can always say you would like to stop training for a while and not say "I don't like you, so I'm going else where".... That's not nessasarily a right thing to say at any point, and in any country.... Just rude!

Just because one person had issues and does not like their sensei I doesn't mean that the sensei is a bad sensei, because there are many others who enjoy training with that same sensei...that's just my 2 cents
Legal? Who ever suggested it was legal? Not me. In the sometimes warped male "martial arts" world it happens. Legal? Not likely in Japan, either. Homicide/manslaughter/murder aren't legal. Anywhere. Doesn't stop it from happening.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean nobody's out to get you." I probably wouldn't practice in a dojo where such attitudes were prevalent - not even when I was young and stupid... Now I'm just not young..

Like I said, I was told about it a long time ago (in the 70s) and it was supposed to have happened in the 60s. I HOPE people have progressed since then.
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