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Re: The uke/nage paradigm

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I think old-skool aikido used the term "shite" and some style still do. If memory serves, the connotation of the term was one of designating a leadership role (leading/receiving, etc.). I think once you experience takemusu aikido, it becomes difficult to designate a static role in the paired relationship which causes all kinds of problems.
Do you think the terminology shifted to reflect a new emphasis? I can see how the senior level of understanding as uke can really reinforce the ability to throw/etc. but if we're looking at the ability of uke to receive technique safely (a more defensive paradigm shift), I could see how the newer mode might make more sense. When I was first becoming familiar with ukemi, receiving from sensei just sort of made it happen in certain regards and seemed to clarify the experience of falling safely for me (it certainly took away the uncertainty-related fear of falling).
...not that the older model didn't include this, too, but again, I wonder about a possible shift in emphasis.

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