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Re: Dan Harden in Hainesport , NJ March 2014

I attended this event in March 2013.

The training was held in Jon Haas's fitness studio. The attendees consisted of not just Aikido pratictioners, but also Judo, Systema, and CMA practitioners looking for a way to improve their practice or simply checking this stuff out. A few attendees also flew in from Europe. This was my 2nd seminar with Dan.

First, Dan laid out the training methodology, its long history, and demonstrating the effects to everyone around the room. Then we started on the push drills to test our intent, and get a sense of what "extending in 6 directions" *feels* like so that we can remember incorporate that training into our solo and paired practices. At this seminar Dan even had handouts - xeroxed pages from the book "Anatomy Trains" to explain what exactly is going on in the body when we extend intent, and that much of this stuff had been documented for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

Since I had discovered "soft power" and how to train it, it has changed my aikido in a dramatic way. Though I'm still only beginning IP training, I definitely notice it has improved my stability, and an Aikido instructor whom I only practice with occasionally at seminars, mentioned to me that I felt completely different than I did even 6 months ago.

Dan is by no means the only person teaching this stuff (he will point out that these skills aren't his and are 1000s of years old), he does seem to be the most accessible person teaching it within the US.

So if you read the tiring flame wars on Aikiweb regarding IP/Aiki, and ever wondered what the heck those crazy people were talking about, if you live in the NE USA this may be the seminar you've been looking for!
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