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Re: exiting a dojo

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Hello Clark,

I've got no beef with the course of action or with your suggestion. I just wonder if "problem" is the right way to frame it. Problem with the dojo? With this other person? With aikido? What "problem" do you perceive here, and why is it on OP to "solve" it?
Mary, I assume there must be a problem, or the OP would not be talking of quitting the dojo she has trained in for 4 years, and possibly quitting aikido altogether (complete with Mr. displayed in her post). My suggestion that she give it another shot someplace else to me seems reasonable, given her statements. I can't speculate as to the exact nature of her situation beyond what I read above. I have not suggested that she is responsible for resolving the situation; she already seems determined to deal with it. I only hope, and I am only suggesting, that she does not indict the whole body of aikido because of a bad experience with one instructor or dojo.
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