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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Oisin - no worries. The more interesting point is the other you raise. How much one can learn at contact.
I must say that when I cross weapons with someone, I usually know, at first touch, what they can do. I can notice that they are doing something I don't - or cannot.

But what I cannot do is, with a single touch, incorporate what they are doing and make it mine.

Which could lead, again, to the suggestion, that I've got a long way to go to reach the likes of Horikawa or Shioda, and this may simply be the answer.

OTOH, there certainly is a strain of hyper-exaggeration in Japanese martial arts, and the aiki arts in particular. (I take this on in my other recent essay on Tohei. Something happened - but not what the Aikikai --and probably Tohei himself - said.)

And having been on the end of the "single encounter making one a student" trope, seeing this as a pattern (one that Horikawa "suffered" vis a vis Sagawa) in the aiki arts, it intrigues me, as the assertion, believed, can actually effect how and with whom one trains. And what one perceives when one trains.


P.S. It's not my research, but you should see the information regarding the Kodokan and what really seems to have occurred in the "matches" that may or may NOT have occurred against jujutsu schools. Hopefully, I can negotiate some way to publish this as well.

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