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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Something's been gnawing me about this post, so I did some research, and further to some comments on this subject, Shioda actually received a Daito Ryu scroll from Horikawa. I think this is evdidence that "senior members of the Kodokai" are perfectly justified in considering Shioda to have studied under their teacher. and as for this quote :

It provides its own rewards: their own art, Daitō-ryū is different from aikidō, and only the former's study can provide any real skill to those who studied its inferior off-shoot.

Well It IS different, in terms of teaching and many of the core skills. The body movement is very different, for one. There are overlaps of course, especially in some aikido "styles", but to think that aikido practicioners can just start a bit of DR practice to up their aikido (Or vice versa) does both arts a disservice.

The second bit is part is just partisanship. Every Japanese budo group indulges in this. It's unfair to single DR out in this regard IMO. In fact, Horikawa awarding a scroll to Shioda could indicate that he held Shioda and his teacher (Ueshiba) in high regard.

BTW, this scroll plus the quote from Okamoto's students verifies two out of three parts of verbal information I heard concerning this story:

Shioda learned a specific technique from Horikawa.
He received a scroll from Horikawa

The final piece was that Shioda petitioned horikawa to study on a more formal footing with him, but horikawa demurred as he considered him Ueshiba's student.

Personally, I don't give a fig for gossip and politics in budo, (and I never heard about the two weeks of secret meetings or the limos) but fair's fair. The people asserting that Shioda studied with Horikawa (how much and for how long I will not speculate) are on fairly strong ground regarding this if you bring the scroll into account. The scroll can be seen in the edition of Hiden Budo magazine February 2007. Page 25.
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