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Re: How to deal with irritating partner?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I personally have a lot of difficulties to change the automatic movements, I need minimum 1 some times 2 hours of practice to do a switch.
Also, if an instructor is from different style, often, most what he is doing has not much sens to me, because I don't understand the assumptions of his teaching system. This is very frustrating and not helping to easy absorb his teaching. On the other hand he has no time to explain it. So I'm not sure is it a good idea to follow such seminars...however it has as a consequence to close myself in my own style only...not good....
Hello Szczepan, again,

I do not give many seminars, partly because as I get older, I have more reluctance to travel long distances by air. However, I have taught in Europe for many years and know most of the yudansha who attend, but they see me only twice a year. I do not like Youtube or Facebook, and discourage students from relying on this medium at the expense of hands-on training. Some of the yudansha know me well enough to tell me. 'Peter, I did not see what you were doing just then...' It is usually a matter of smaller things that are harder to notice: how the hips are aligned, the position of the feet at any one point, how the hands move, where the elbows are. Yudansha should have an eye for such details, but beginners need more body education before they are in a position to recognize these details. I am fortunate to have / have had teachers like Yanaguchi, Arikawa, Tada, as well as my own resident teacher here, but it means I have had to be at least bilingual when it comes to communication by waza.


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