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Re: How to deal with irritating partner?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Hello Peter,
Recently I was asking myself similar questions...
Could you explain please why don't you make corrections right away to avoid creation wrong automatism and also to avoid creation wrong waza example to other dojo members?
Hello Szczepan,

Well, there is a context that I did not explain in detail: to have done so would have caused too much thread drift. The students are my own students, in the sense that they began their aikido in the dojo and have not trained anywhere else. However, I share the teaching with two colleagues, both of whom have had a different training history to mine. I know their teachers in the Aikikai Hombu and so I know exactly how they like to train. So there is a real sense in which we practice the waza correctly, but differently. Last Sunday I taught the class, but my two colleagues were also training. The pace was quite fast and I gave very little verbal explanation. The were twelve students present and every student practiced with everyone else, with all the instructors joining in. So each student had the challenge of coming as close as possible to the model shown, by me as instructor and by the other two instructors as partners, at any one time. So it would be pointless to stop the class and give a general explanation, since there was a wide level of approximation to the model. I should add that after showing a waza, I split the class occasionally and have the beginners practice together, slowly, and have the yudansha practice the waza at their level. The mistakes in this case are more subtle.

Best wishes,


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