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Re: My first impressions of training Aikido

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But not sure which book would be best? Gozo Shioda has a ton of different Aikido technique books out!
There's Total Aikido, Dynamic Aikido, Aikido Master Course, and Aikido Complete Basic Techniques. Any recommendations on which would suite me best?
Not only would it be great for keeping up with the techniques (I tend to forget how they were properly done by the next day), but would also help me practice Kihon Dosa at home
I can recommend Aikido by Jon Pearson as a great book, although you may have read it already in your preparation. I think that Total Aikido might be the book by Gozo Shioda that I am thinking of, which has pictures of him and Takeno Kancho as his uke.

I don't know of any Yoshinkan DVDs, but the Yamanashi Yoshinkan Aikido youtube channel has lots of excellent videos of Takeno Kancho and Nakagawa Sensei performing yoshinkan techniques.

And we often have cake at our dojo! Isn't that the reward for the backfalls?

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