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Re: Endo Seishiro shihan's new book, 'Vibration and Connection'

Clark Bateman wrote: View Post
Hello, Peter! So good to hear from you. Just set up an account at and ordered a copy (so glad there's a translation key). So, hopefully, the book will be on its way across the pond soon, and my DT's will subside. Thanks so much for your help!

Hello Clark,

I find Amazon in Japan very good, not just for the books they sell directly, but also for the network of contacts with second hand booksellers around Japan. I will shortly send TIE 25 to Jun for the December columns. it has taken a long time to write because of the research required. However, I have been helped by the number of out-of-print books I have been able to acquire via Amazon. You can choose between three different postal rates and I have found that the slowest takes about two or three days. (Except for the bilingual book by Endo Shihan, these books are exclusively written in Japanese and published in Japan.)

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