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Re: Biomechanics of simple throwing

Paul Funnell wrote: View Post
Hi Joe

How do you pull off shihonage on someone much shorter than you without a nice deep jigotai or switching to suwari waza? My wife and I have a 16" height difference so I get stuck with this a lot


Best explanation I heard about this... Aikido locks are intended to be body locks, not appendage locks. So at some point, the joint lock of shiho nage should not be limited to the arm. Once this happens, we should not be limited to the mechanical requirements of creating torsion through a largely horizontal position of the arm. Once we don't have a need to squat under a horizontal arm that is more or less only as high at the shoulder of your partner... you have more freedom for your partner to move out of your way, rather than move around your partner. Without that desperate feeling that you are going to rip off your partner's arm. Not that you can't...

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