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Re: Biomechanics of simple throwing

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i saw Ellis Amdur put on a shihonage to an very short uke, much shorter than him. i thought Ellis would need to get down on his stomach to do it, but he just did it. it was the smoothest shihonage that i had seen. most folks do shihonage with uke's arm stretch out or up or side way or in every direction, but Ellis's approach is like getting uke to do an arm curl. doesn't raise uke's alarm until the very end. there is also a spanking waza for stiffed back uke.
Thanks Phi, trying to visualize that (not the spanking, not right now)

We're taught to try to keep hands in front of face the whole way like we're taking a panoramic photo and not give the arm back to them (to stop them turning out), I guess I could try to float her more and snap turn on the balls of my feet quicker but it just feels wrong if my hands get anywhere above or behind my head
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