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Re: Biomechanics of simple throwing

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So have your private discussions that I can't understand.......
For the nth + 1 time, it's not my conversation. And it's not private. If you walk by a restaurant that serves pizza, and you don't like pizza, I doubt that you would call it a "private" restaurant, or say that the food they serve is worthless to everybody, and that almost nobody likes it. Instead, you would probably shrug, say, "Not my thing, but no skin off my nose," and move on down the street, not feeling in the least slighted or annoyed at the people enjoying their pizza, and not feeling any need to evangelize them about their bad choices. I understand that aikido, and our particular take on it, matters more to most of us than our casual food choices...but sometimes I think we take it a little too seriously, if we've got issues with others' choices.
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