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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

Guillaume Erard wrote: View Post
Thanks a lot Joe, I hope that you can reschedule, see you soon hopefully!

Pr Goldsbury,
No I have not had that chance, my only trip to San Diego coincided with that of Chiba Sensei in Britain for a summer seminar unfortunately. Miyamoto Sensei does indeed quite regularly refer to Chiba Sensei. Some very skilled students of the later also tend to be close to Miyamoto Sensei when the visit or stay in Japan. I do not know much more than that though, for I have never been a student of Chiba Sensei, nor have I been a member of the Birankai (my loss).
Dear Guillaume,
Speaking for myself I am sure Birankai International would have welcomed you into our group.Its a pity you never had thr opportunity to train in San Diego with Chiba Sensei,Mt time spent there as kenshusei/uchi deshi was the best time I ever spent doing aikido .Murashige Sensei was there as well,as well as Archie Champion,Liese Klein Yahe Solomon,Ismael Hassan,Dave Alonzo, Mike Sidebottom, Daniel Kempling,Robert Savoca , Marianne Shibata,Richard Edmunds.Sorry if I miss out on few training partners.Great atmosphere,intense, focused , tiring but wonderful times.A few clipe that I took of my time here are on Youtube .Hadronica ?posted them.Cheers, Joe,
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