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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Logan Light wrote: View Post
Great video on this subject.
I really like his point about how some folks will close that space; often trying to touch nerves to overwhelm the judgment processes (even though they're not always explicitly aware of this). For me (and my personally low-level of training), the biggest issue I keep trying to wrap my mind around is the fact that many people will try and get in your face as if that weren't an invitation to get popped. I don't want to escalate first unless I'm convinced I'm going to be attacked because it's hard to dial the situation back at that point. On the other hand, I don't want to let anyone inside my "fight interval" (maai); I have kids and I'm not going to let someone potentially take me away from them. This is a big reason why I place so much weight on the mental/perception side of things and try to read as much about a person through how they behave, as well as finding ways to create distraction. After that it's all about the physical training we put into our body; how we go about resolving that connection we've been forced into. This is why it's important to train from all possible points and circumstances in the timeline; from slight advantage, to equal footing, to various states of disadvantage. Focusing on any one of those at the expense of the others would seem to create the potential for imbalance. On some level we can address these in standard keiko, but it requires a degree of spontaneity allowed. In the Shodokan method, this starts with the use of feints in randori/jiyuwaza. In other sytems it's addressed differently, if at all...which is why it's important to explore different schools/approaches at some point.
Jean wrote:
Good video, the guy talks reality but yet another video where the expert does not show or teach atemi. Why is that ?
Who knows, probably have to ask him. Emphasizing something else, perhaps?

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