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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Kuzushi on contact

Budd Yuhasz wrote:
You have to do the work in the first two to enable the third, but you can "cheat" in your combination of all three to compensate for lacking in any single area. The question is how important is it to excel in all three or do you just care if the other person falls down by any means necessary?….

Cady Goldfield wrote: 
This is true. And it also takes sensitivity and awareness to be able to tell when someone is doing a local-muscle version, especially when there is actually some internal structure being used. I once felt a person considered high-level, but in comparison to others I'd felt who were also high-level, this guy had a certain stiffness or hardness to him that, in retrospect, I realized was muscle. He was kind of a "hybrid." This probably will end up as the status quo for a generation of new practitioners who gain some of the concepts, but not the deeper package.
I think that's the case of most of the people that are talking about and training internal strength. Some degree of hybrid approach.
it's strange ( or perhaps this the usual prominent human reaction which isn't easy to overcome).

I've felt several people ( "hybrids" ), amongst them at least two well known high-ranking Japanese, who all had a lot of internals to offer, but each and every time when challenged, their fighting spirit taking over and all internals forgotten, sheer muscling through was what was left and they were good at it.


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