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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

In the first video with the M4, I am not really sure what the training objective was....however, I think it does illustrate the concept of aliveness on behalf of the guy with the knife. He attacks in a more realistic way than is seen in many training methodologies. Again, I am just not sure why the guy with the rifle did what he did. Could be that these guys are students and are new at doing this and simple have not figured this out yet. For me, the point is that it is possible to train fairly realistically.

In the second video. It demonstrates a drill we do in MACP. You never know when the knife will become a part of the fight. Again, the level of training of these students is very their responses are not the best example of what to do. However, in our methodology, we provide a framework of failure and then they build success around that. So, while the responses they are choosing are certainly no optimal...the training conditions encourage a paradigm shift and begin to train correct responses through "negative" reinforcement.

I think the videos illustrate that you must gain control of the opponent before you can disarm. Both individuals, fail to gain control of their opponent and therefore, continue to loose until they will do so.

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