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Re: Kuzushi, an aiki perspective

Dear All,
In days of yore when I was a callow youth I studied judo under many top class judoka.Great emphasis during this training period involved learing how to break the balance of an opponent.Failure to do so meant you had to use excessive force/power and expend energy ,You could of course throw a guy without taking his balance but this was hard work.If however your kuzushi, tsukuri , waza and timing were ok, you needed the minimum amount of strength to throw your partner.
Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan for example was not a big man.His judo was remarkable.He could take on a line up of 15 men , all Dan grades, some much bigger than him , and throw them to a man walmost effortlessly.No brute force used, just good old Judo principles.Same applies in Aikido, take the persons balance and its easy peasy.Try and throw a man who has maintained good balance is tough. Cheers, Joe.
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