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Re: Kuzushi on contact

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Have you been able to do that, Budd? You have been training "teh internalz" for a while now.
I do okay for a part-time amateur. But I'm more interested in talking about the skills and how they work than what I'm doing or think I can do (it won't mean anything except when people put hands on me).

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This is true. And it also takes sensitivity and awareness to be able to tell when someone is doing a local-muscle version, especially when there is actually some internal structure being used. I once felt a person considered high-level, but in comparison to others I'd felt who were also high-level, this guy had a certain stiffness or hardness to him that, in retrospect, I realized was muscle. He was kind of a "hybrid." This probably will end up as the status quo for a generation of new practitioners who gain some of the concepts, but not the deeper package.
I think that's the case of most of the people that are talking about and training internal strength. Some degree of hybrid approach.

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Any amount of IP and aiki one acquires will enhance his fighting kit against anyone who has no internal training. But the honing of the internal skills across the span of a lifetime is the art, and not everyone has the discipline or desire to take it that far. IMO, it's all good, and the skill set and method are there to be experienced to whatever degree and depth one wishes. Only a relative handful will take it to the height of perceived mastery, but that's true of any discipline.
And like anything else, it will depend on the quality of information they have access to and the amount of work they're willing to personally undertake to own their progress. (duh) But that still doesn't answer why people seem to think there's some either/or when it comes to how you train to express you as you in the internal strength model (heaven/earth/man) and how you train to apply it when you take in additional considerations (such as a dumb or intelligent force acting upon you - to enable kuzushi on contact).
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