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Guillaume Erard
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Re: YouTube: Tsuruzo Miyamoto at 2013 World Combat Games

The visual interpretations that one can make of Miyamoto Sensei's technique and attitude can be very misleading, he is well known for that actually. I have been fortunate enough to find myself taking ukemi for him both in regular classes and at embu and I can tell you that he is absolutely present and aware. In fact you, on your side, have to make sure you are at least as sharp as him because the sanction can come very quickly if you are not paying attention (I also experienced this first hand, nothing bad, but a clear reminder that I was not where I should have been).
I can only speak for myself but there was absolutely no preparation beforehand, and I doubt that there was much more before this video was shot. He just calls you and gives you hints as to what attack you have to do. There a very significant amount of tension and awareness, when you are in the middle with him, almost a sense of danger, and it has nothing to do with the fact that there are spectators: it is just a skilled aikidoka doing his thing admirably well.
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