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Re: Kuzushi on contact

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I found an interesting comment from Aikido Journal on how the usage of internals, and further, aiki, can provide for kuzushi on contact:

What do ya'll think of the ideas elaborated there - that it's simply more about you in the end and working to make you, literally, an expression of yin and yang - as opposed to, say, the four-legged animal model where you worry about connecting one center to another?
I think it should always be about you, at first. Otherwise it's like trying to build a structure by starting at the top. You start with the foundation and that's you, then you build up from there. Four legged animal is just a basic teaching device, not some high concept, but it says a lot that we're at a point that it can be seen that way. Without that foundation even that is just an idea backed by empty movement and muscle. Look at what all the internal guys are doing. Regardless of who you see, it's all about building that foundation first. It all starts in you. All the movement and putting hand here, foot there is just a waste of time until you have that foundation. Well, unless the feel good of successfully being able to put your hand here and foot there is what they're after. Then it's not a waste of time, but it's not what Ueshiba was doing either.

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