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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

I have a question. Why atemi is never used when you see a demo of knife attack ? I know if I get in a fight with someone using a knife I will be cut, I have to accept that. I am ok with the fact that I must do something to disrupt the attacker not the attack before thinking of disarming. A good punch to the nose should be enough to take the balance of the attacker then run or if I cannot run do a technique or something to disarm. That is why I would like to see a video where the expert shows a hit in the face or somewhere else. I saw a systema video where the instructor hit the knee of the attacker with his foot before doing anything that is what I am talking about.
Never been attacked by a knife I do not what would I do but am I in lalaland when I say the first thing I should do is to hit the assaillant by any means at my disposal.
Is there any video of knife attack where it is shown to hit before doing anything ? I never saw one but I surely never saw every video made on that kind of attack
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