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Re: Techniques Are Boring

Bill Danosky wrote: View Post
I love training techniques. But I am working on a bunch of pretty esoteric stuff right now, and it's driving me a little nuts. We're actually spending valuable training time trying to figure out how to make ushiro waza work, that begin with hojo dosa. If we practiced nothing but ikka jo, shiho nage, hiji shime, ude garami, kote gaeshi and irimi nage, I'd be happy. And jiyu waza every night.
Dear Danovsky Sensei,
I do not practice Yoshinkan.I am not familiar with the term hojo dosa. Personally I see no issues of difficulties from ushiro waza.Perhaps you may care to expand on what the issue is?Maybe a video would give me and others an idea of what you mean?Cheers, Joe.
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