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Keith Larman
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Re: DH Bristol Nov 2013 - A newbie's perspective

FWIW one time Dan was out my way I took two friends with me. One yudansha, one a relatively experienced mudansha. Both left blown away but both made the same sort of comment that it didn't in any way invalidate what they'd already learned, it just gave them a whole heck of a lot more to work on to refine and improve.

I am not saying those who are doubtful *should* go. I am not saying those who are perfectly happy with what they're doing *should* go. I will, however, say that I got a lot from every visit I've had with the man. And always walked away with more to work on. And I feel I the better for it.

Just my experience.

All the other issues that tend to swirl around this topic? Not my paygrade as they say. I just know that *I* benefit.


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