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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Great responses. I definitely need to put more of this to the test and be more patient and allow everything to manifest in it's own time but upon reading the 'hormonal induced stress chart', I still have my concerns. I don't think anyone realistically think they can pull off a wrist lock when someone's coming at you with bad intentions... or so i hope not unless you are maybe in clinching range. Even then, there's better choices in the clinch as far as self-defense goes. That's why I find atemi to be absolutley necessary, or an experience of some sort of striking art. I know quite a few practitioners who would absolutely freeze the first time they were hit because of a lack of realistic training. I love the idea of takemusu. I know my training has only begun and with more training and experience, I'll understand the principles more and be able to effectively apply them to combat. I love all the thoughts so far.

These videos are also relevant. Check 'em.

I feel like there's too much compliance in the second one but I love watching their style and the way they incorporate more realistic attacks.
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