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Basia Halliop
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Re: I Don't Care That Much

Personally, I don't see why I should care one way or another how personally dedicated my training partners are or what thoughts they have about aikido in their head, or what right I have to even ask them. In your head is private. It is simply none of my business one way or another what role aikido has in the life of someone I'm training with, or what they do or think about when they go home, or even really how likely they are to keep training for years, unless we happen to get in a chat and we feel like talking about it. I'm sad sometimes if someone leaves or doesn't train often, but that's my problem, not theirs. They don't 'owe me' their training, and I would find the idea disturbing. I don't own anyone's life but mine.

How they train in those minutes that they're training with me is important to me. (Or in those minutes when I'm teaching them, in the event that I'm teaching a class). That matters.
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