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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

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what i personally have found that i like about the israeli systems is their violence of decisive and forward action. what i dont like is the assumption over the degree of control you have in a situation. did they start u off in failed or bad postions...balance broken...u are mounted...a gus is on your atr kn his Guard?

once we understand the violence of action and how to disrupt your opponent...we then must increase the level of failure on our part by puttin ourselves in bad positions and learn how to protect ourselves and recover to a better position
In working out and speaking with our Haganah group, they [also] emphasize decisive, aggressive, pressing movement. Even their small arms and edged weapons work is pressing (i.e. a foward-stepping draw and press of the weapon). The instructor is accomplished in BJJ, judo and he teaches basic combat at McPherson (I think). He also happens to be about 6'3" and 225lb. so that helps too. I like his program and his approach - he is working to make the program more real for smaller persons without significant physical advantages.

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