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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

We took a Haganah FIGHT class last week, and it was pretty interesting. Being a Krav Maga offshoot, they have a good "martial intent". There's not much finesse at the level they were instructing us (we white-belted it that night), but I did absorb enough to apply some of the concepts. Someone mentioned their general plan was to contain the attack, dissolve the violence, achieve your objectives, then spit them out.

Guy attacks you, you pull him in, elbow his face, throw a bunch of knees, step on his ankle and push him down. I'm thinking, "Now this is something I can improve upon." We (aikidoka) have that finesse. Nothing I learned there had any elements that compared to the precision we have, but they are refreshingly frank about what we're all doing there.

I'm not going Steven Seagal or anything, but if those Haganah guys had some of my waza, they would be.
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