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Re: I Don't Care That Much

I will sound like a broken record because I have said this before. Our commitment to train should be a reflection or our expectation of gain. This post sounds like we are talking about valuing our training, and then comparing that value to our expectation.

I think amateurs are not professionals. I think hobbyists are not amateurs. We all struggle with prioritizing our commitment and following through with that commitment. I think no one takes issue with the claim that life sometimes requires different priorities than we would like. I think the problem usually comes in the delivery of expectation - especially when that expectation is less. I think we often mistake commitment as lacking sacrifice. money, time, whatever. We are sacrificing ourselves in some form to gain in our understanding of aikido. That sacrifice should be valued against the expectation of gain.

It is no small thing to excel in anything. When you step on the mat with someone of excellent quality, they have likely reached that level through no small effort. To either minimize their commitment or maximize yours is inappropriate. To comparatively argue you are the same is inappropriate. If the sacrifice of your commitment is appreciated by your peers they will respect your commitment, regardless of your skill. Eventually the value of your sacrifice will coordinate with your commitment and hopefully your expectation.

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